If you’ve met me, you know that I’m a planner. I’m type-A. I make lists. I schedule. I bullet journal. And I freakin’ meal prep. Hard.

Since embarking on my weird and wonderful health and fitness journey some five years ago, meal prep has become a weekly staple for me. I just find it so much easier to fuel my body the in the healthiest possible way when I’ve taken time out to prepare a few meals – at least five in advance for my weekly lunches, sometimes a few servings of dinner too – and stick ‘em in the freezer so I can grab one and go.

Of course, this process is far from effortless… it means planning out a menu, doing a big old grocery shop, and then about 1 – 2 hours in the kitchen to get every meal cooked up and in its respective Tupperware container (give or take 20 minutes to track down missing lids).

It’s a hell of a slog, albeit totally worth it for keeping healthy on the go. But what if you could take all the planning, cooking and dish-washing out of the equation?

It’s this thought exactly that had me over the moon when FitChef offered to give me a 21-day challenge kit to test out. With it came 54 healthy, portion-controlled meals and 9 snacks that I could stick in the freezer and heat up when I was ready to chow. Meal prep for who, I ask you??

I opted for their low-carb plan – not because I’m a major fan of keto/Banting/whatever y’all wanna call it – purely because I liked the look of the menu.

Some of the meals that were in my kit:

  • Farm-style bobotie with carrots & peas
  • Chickpea potjie with mixed veg
  • Cauliflower cottage pie with carrots & peas
  • Mediterranean chicken with roast vegetables & quinoa
  • Hake napolitana with stir-fry veg
  • Fillet steak with roast potatoes and stir-fried veg
  • Sweet chilli chicken burger with stir-fry veg
  • Ostrich potjie with mixed veg
  • Bacon & beef burger with stir-fry veg

All meals are between about 270 and 350 cal each and very balanced, even for a low-carb plan. I loved tha the fat wasn’t overboard either, as some of these Banting plans tend to be (eating cheese and cream and butter with reckless abandon is juuuust not my jam, hey, but to each his own).

The 9 snacks included in the plan were 150g packs of grilled chicken, which I used as meals on their own, adding a few grilled veggies, some sweet potato and sugar-free sweet chilli sauce.

Even if you’re not an avid meal-prepper looking to get your Sunday afternoons back, FitChef is a great place to start if you’re new to healthy eating and portion control. The meals are small but satisfying, and the good balance of protein, carbs and fat will mean you’re not going hungry.


 Will I lose weight?

Like anything FitChef is no quick fix. But provided you’re watching what you eat the rest of the time and getting some exercise, a FitChef plan is an excellent place to kick-start your weight-loss journey. It was a great time for me to try out the plan, because I’d just finished up with a six-week challenge with HIIT Fitness (during which I shed all of my Christmas kgs, and then some – you can read about that here). I ate my FitChef meals for most lunches and dinners in March – with a few yummy treats here and there – and managed to keep all those kilos I’d shed off.

How much does it cost?

There are a ton of plans available – low-carb, gluten-free, lunch@work – and they vary depending on how many meals and snacks you go for. At the time this review was posted, the 21-day low-carb kit I tested was going for R3885.

What do the meals taste like?

It varies. I looooved the beef and burger – but who wouldn’t – and the chargrilled chicken was freaking delish. There was a hake and a beef dish that I did find a touch bland, and I’m not the biggest fan of either of those things to begin with.

Anything else I need to know?

Word to the wise – if you go with one of their 21-day/1 month packages, clear out yo’ damn freezer before you begin. It takes up *a lot* of space 🙃

Got more questions? Get in touch here.

Hi, I’m Kirsti and this is my little blog. Tell me what you think in the comments section below!

Hi, I’m Kirsti and this is my little blog. Tell me what you think in the comments section below!

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