Okay, it’s no secret I’m a massive FitKey fan.

Slipping into a routine workout-wise is so dangerous for me – as soon as I’m bored, I’m out.

Which is why the FitKey app, which allows users access to all sorts of weird and wonderful fitness studios across their city, is the perfect way for me to spice things up a bit.

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I’ve tried out plenty of what they have to offer in Cape Town, but their list of cool classes to try is so damn long, there’s no way I could get to them all – which is why I’ve roped in fellow gym junkie and Mexican food lover, the lovely Lucinda (@fitmetalhead to most of ya’ll) to tell me about some of her faves.

Have you tried out any classes that aren’t on this list? Send me an email info@itsmekirsti.com or DM me on Instagram. I’d love to add your comments!

My fave FitKey studios 

1. WildThing Yoga, Sea Point

This beautiful, airy studio is the perfect place to get your zen on – without all of the incense-infused bells and whistles. Wild Thing’s signature classes, Flow so Hot, (a hot Vinyasa-style flow) are relaxed and unpretentious. Perfect for beginner yogis! The incredible views of Lion’s head out the studio windows certainly help too.

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2. SWEAT 1000, Sea Point and Claremont

This intense one-hour class is not for the faint-hearted! SWEAT 1000, which has branches all over SA, combines stints of cardio with functional training to keep your heart-rate elevated while you get an epic, full-body workout. The studios in Sea Point and Claremont both have FitKey offerings.

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3. MyUTOPIA, Waterfront

It’s not all yoga at the gorgeous MyUTOPIA studios near the V&A Waterfront! Their epic Bodtopia classes, led by Instagram fitness sensations (and qualified personal trainers) Torie Alexander and Candice Bodington, are tri-weekly HITT workouts. The classes are tough, but they’re only about 40 minutes long – including a warm-up and cool-down stretch. Plus, their classes are relatively small, and the comradery between the regulars makes them a hell of a lot of fun. Whether you’re a runner or a yogi, these classes are a great addition to any programme.

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4. Switch Playground, Cape Town, CBD

Have you ever danced your face off to some epic music at a club and thought what a good workout it was? Well, that’s kind of what going to Switch classes feels like – minus the dancing, of course. An in-house DJ, strobe lights, a smoke machine and hot young instructors darting from station to station whopping, jamming and egging you on. Two-man stations are set up all over the club-like studio – everything from free weights to kettlebells, rowing machines to treadmills – in what is basically a massive circuit. It’s best to attempt these classes with a buddy the first time around, so you have someone to pair up with.

Lucy’s fave FitKey studios

5. HUBA Fitness

This has to be my favourite functional training gym on the Fitkey app. The trainers at HUBA are helpful, friendly and know their shiz. The workouts are varied every day from strength to functional cardio, plus a shot of abs for good measure. The vibe is very much for the average Joe and it makes you feel right at home whether you are just starting out with exercise or an experienced sweat junkie.


The elite yoga studio is the very best studio in Cape Town and for a very good reason! At MyUTOPIA, you can expect five-star quality and service, coupled with excellent teachers and a variety of classes including 40min lunch classes which does wonders for the mind and body. My personal favourites are:

  • Yoga Sculpt class which combines light weights with challenging yoga poses and cardio bursts
  • Chakra Yoga which focus on meditation through certain yoga poses aimed at improving your self-awareness through your Chakras
  • Bikram Yoga, which is offered in 40min; 60min and 90min classes
  • Barrtopia, a mixture of Barre and Pilates

7 Bold

Bold is for the brave! But actually for anyone willing to up their game or wanting to challenge their limits. The same average Joe, family-vibe applies here. The coaches are fantastic and the workouts are a mixture of CrossFit inspired functional training.

Hi, I’m Kirsti and this is my little blog. Tell me what you think in the comments section below!

Hi, I’m Kirsti and this is my little blog. Tell me what you think in the comments section below!

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